Meeting a Kitty

When you see a photo of a kitten or a cat that you are interested in meeting at the adoption fair, please e-mail or call to make sure that we bring it. We don't have space to transport all of the kittens/cats, so let us know which ones you would like to see- Send an e-mail to Applications must be filled out before we allow visits in foster homes.

Our cats and kittens are available for adoption locally in the Metro Atlanta area. You must be able to drive to meet the cats in person before an adoption can take place.

PetSmart Adoption Center

1986 Mount Zion Rd. Morrow, GA 30260

Daily (July 20 - July 27)


Weekend Adoption Fair

Every Saturday from 11am to 3pm featuring 10-15 adoptable cats.

Gift Certificates and Adoption Priorities

Give the gift of choice with a Gift Certificate, allowing your loved one to select the pet that best fits their home. For the safety of both kittens and children, tiny kittens are not adopted into homes with toddlers. However, we prioritize those willing to adopt multiple felines.

Don't overlook our older cats! While kittens grow quickly, adult cats often wait longer for a home, growing lonely over time. By adopting an older cat, you're providing a much-needed loving home to a grateful feline. Open your heart and consider the joy an adult cat can bring to your life!

Included with each RescueCats adoption:

  • A kitten or a cat that has been spayed or neutered, treated for fleas & worms, microchipped, vaccinated for RCP & Rabies(if old enough) & tested for FeLV/FIV, and a few older kitties have had dental cleanings.
  • (For new adopters) Over $300 worth of savings from the PetSmart Adoption Starter Kit: coupons for most of the needed supplies.
  • A kitty toy
  • An Animal Planet DVD
  • A scratching pad offer


  • Cats scratch surfaces to establish territory, stretch their muscles, release stress and burn off excess energy. This is natural, instinctual behavior found in all felines.
  • Providing appropriate scratching surfaces and posts allows cats to express this behavior safely and with minimal damage to your home.
  • Some cats prefer vertical scratchers, others prefer horizontal scratchers. Try a variety of both to determine kitty's preferences.
  • Use nail clippers or Soft Paws to keep your cat's claws manageable.
  • Declawing is unnecessary, inhumane and illegal in most developed countries. JUST DON'T DO IT.

Litter Boxes

  • Cats use their litterboxes to establish and reaffirm their territory. Make any changes to litterboxes slowly.
  • The magic number of litterboxes is the number of cats plus one. Put boxes in socially significant spaces (not in a closet, basement or garage).
  • Use a litter that your cat likes. Don't insist kitty use a litter she hates. It will not end well for you.
  • Most litterbox issues can be easily corrected. Consult your vet and feline behaviorist for more information.

Cat Introductions

For introducing cats to each other, Best Friends Animal Society recommends patience and careful introduction, creating separate spaces, slow interactions with barriers, and monitoring their behavior. They emphasize understanding each cat's personality and preference for a smooth transition.


Please bring a sturdy carrier to pick up your new kitty. We have cardboard carriers available for $5.00 but highly recommend a good carrier that can be purchased at most local stores. ALL kittens and cats must leave the adoption site in a carrier.

If you adopt from our Fayetteville location, we have several new carriers priced from $25-$55. We also have other items for sale. Scratching posts, litter boxes, bowls etc.